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TRON - Light cycle finished by Paul-Muad-Dib TRON - Light cycle finished by Paul-Muad-Dib
TRON Legacy - Light cycle update

Finished 2D views.

The new drawing based upon new webphotos and is a new own interpretation for the light cycle.

Update 29.04. - The engine glows blue...
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PixelOz Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Hello Mr. Paul Moad Dib, I am a fellow Deviantart member and tinkerer and I took your cool Tron Legacy Light Cycles illustration and converted it to an Alwact clock skin (the top view). I did these two free skins mega pack of 36 skins/skins variants each for the free Alwact skinnable clock and I took your nice illustration and turned it into a seconds marker for the skins named Tron Legacy (2010) Light Cycle Blue, Tron Legacy (2010) Light Cycle Yellow and Tron legacy (2010) Light Runner so the Light Cycles and the Light Runner run around the simple circular Tron Legacy background artwork that I did, they are used as the seconds hands. You can see it here and if you install this program and test my skins you can see your vehicles running (I think that it looks rather nice):

That link is for volume 2 of the free skins pack. The three skins that use your disc illustration are the three at the right bottom corner of the thumbnail images. This other link is for volume 1:

But the one that has your cool Light Cycles and Light Runner is the volume 2 as I said. I am giving you full credit for the 3D render illustration with a link to your site here in Deviantart in the accompanying Acknowledgments Pdf document. Now if you don't like me doing the conversion or the way in which I used it I will create my own illustration and publish an update quickly. I do not profit with this one bit. I have all of the print features of my deviations turned off. I trimmed the alpha edges of the image very, very carefully in Photoshop CS4 as to make them have very, very smooth alpha edges. I do not do that in a haste cause I wanted the images to look their best.

I do this for the people like you do so they can enjoy them. I do it cause it saves a lot of time from drawing absolutely everything from scratch and the time I have for this is limited cause I was doing so many skins! I really tried very hard to create as many of the skins images as I could and I am giving you full credit for you work as you can verify. Please I am asking you to allow this use cause the Alwact clock desktop program doesn't have that much of a variety of skins for it and I am trying to change that. This is not my program, the Alwact software is a free program created by somebody called Firaz Samet but it is a rather nifty little piece of software and I think that he needs a bit of help with more skins.

But of course the 3D image is yours and you have the right to refuse this so if you do then send me a message here in Deviantart and I will withdraw it from the skinpack, no problem.
Solarisphere Featured By Owner May 22, 2011
Interesting. I did an AutoCAD version of your batmobile for 2D drafting, and I decided that if there was another final project in 3D drafting I would do the lightcycle. Unfotunately, there never was. This might be my next 3D CAD project. I don't have any experience with curvy shapes, but this seems like a good place to start.
Ubuntico Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011  Professional Artisan Crafter
Love it, hope for the final release ;)
bagera3005 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
vary cool update
Paul-Muad-Dib Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so lot - working now at clu's Light Cycle
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